Hotel and Catering Secondary School in Rzeszow releases over 300 professional graduates each year. Each of them proudly emphasizes the fact they have graduated from a school of a high rank and profession. 

Our highly educated teacher staff work on it that every graduate be open, honest, trusted, reliable and fully-equipped to conscious activity in adult life. 

Poland and Europe await our graduates. 

Our school offers the following courses: 

 Hotel Assistant 
 Nourishment Specialist 
 Gastronomic Service Specialist 
 Tourism Specialist 
 Small Gastronomy Cook 

School basis: 

Our school has a good basis to main and vocational education: 

 Library and reading room (12 computers) 
 Special classrooms for: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Hotel Service, Gastronomic Technology and Customer Service 
 2 gymnastic rooms 
 4 IT and office work classrooms 

Practical classes and vocational practice 

Practical classes and vocational practice are conducted in the school workshops, hotels, restaurants of a high rank and standard. In summer time it is possible for the students to practise around Poland, in Greece, France, Slovakia and many other countries. 

All the practice is organized by the school management. 

Extra classes 

Our school provides extra classes: 

 Information Searcher Club 
 Young Catholic Association 
 Renaissance Association 
 Globe-trotter Association 
 Sports Clubs 
 EU Club 
 Pearl Diver Association 
 Career Agency 
 Nourishment Club 
 Sports club "SET" 

Due to the Leonardo da Vinci Programme enforced and the AEHT our school cooperates with schools in Germany, France, Slovakia, organizing student exchange as well as conferences and workshops. 

Translation by: S.K.Janik